Manual shift control for your car's automatic transmission.

The Suprastick V4 is the newest version of the Suprastick. It is not a piggyback computer, but rather a full transmission computer that needs no stock computer to run. It is the perfect solution for both aftermarket engine management systems and your car's stock ecu.

Do you have an aftermarket engine management system? Did you have to give up some function of your automatic transmission in the process or even the entire automatic shifting scheme? Ever wanted to change your stock shift points? Ever dreamed that your car came with one of those trick "manual" autos that are offered in some new cars? That day is here. Suprastick V4 is an exclusive new stand-alone computer for your car that allows you, on the fly, to take complete control of your car's transmission, and regain full automatic control of your transmission at the same time.


Fully programmable via PC, Mac, Linux - the only requirement is a serial port.

Complete automatic control of the transmission, including 2 full 120 point shift tables.  Set one for daily driving to save gas, and 1 for race.  Switching between tables is as easy as flipping a switch.

Compatible with most automatic transmission vehicles with 2 shift solenoids. 

User configurable WOT relay for line pressure or Nitrous. 

On the fly selection of "normal automatic" mode and "Suprastick manual shifting" mode.

Complete control over the shifting of the car - any gear can be taken to redline, and shifts may be initiated at any time.

Automatic torque converter control - Torque converter will automatically lockup in all 4 gears under the proper load, vice a limited lockup in 3 gears with the stock system, and no lockup when manually shifting the p-n-2-l lever.  All lockup variable are fully adjustable.

Automatic protection from downshifting into a gear that will redline the engine.
(This is the only limitation imposed, and is removable if so desired.)

Fully programmable to adjust shift firmness, rpm downshift limits, and other options

Shifting is accomplished by 12 volt toggle leads - connect to the buttons / paddles of your choice and mount wherever you want to put them.

Download the install guide from the manuals page.


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