Now in it's 6th year of refinement, the software that runs on the Suprastick is what makes it run so smoothly and operate so transparently. This is the reason why people choose to run it on top of dedicated engine management systems where transmission solenoid control is merely an afterthought. All software updates are free to registered owners, you only pay shipping.

Don't take our word for it, though. We are active in many online third party discussion groups that are not sponsored or have any affiliation to LatentSolutions. These forums feature many Suprastick users and lengthy threads on installations, driving impressions, and tips & tricks. The most active forums are:

Suprastick Customer Reviews          


    "I bought the Suprastick primarily because I had replaced the stock ECU with the aftermarket AEM EMS and lost all control over my transmission. The Suprastick was perfect for what I needed. It allowed me to regain control of my transmission when I thought I was out of luck since the AEM EMS didn't support my transmission. The manual shifting mode was just an added bonus to a product I needed just to regain full functionality of my transmission. The install was fairly straight forward. I ran into a few minor problems due to the Suprastick wiring schemes being different from version to version, but all confusion and problems were quickly remedied by Latent Solution's tech support. Garrett was great, he responded very fast. He must have his e-mail linked to his cell phone or something. Everytime I e-mailed him, it never took longer than an hour for a response. Even within a few minutes most of the time. He really knows what he's talking about and has a lot of personal experience with the MKIII Supra's automatic transmission. Since my car had the factory cruise control paddle and ECT Power button, I was able to do the stealth install for the manual shift mode. I had originally intended to not use that feature, but it's actually very cool how it can be integrated into the car without buying any extra components. I'm glad I chose to do it that way. I lost no functionality because my ECT Power button no longer worked since I had replaced the factory ECU and I'm still able to use my cruise control in the usual way when I have the manual shift mode disabled. This product is well worth the cost of it. Latent Solutions is a lifesaver for producing a product like this. Without this, my only option was to swap in a different transmission. If you're in a position like I was where you've lost most of the functionality of your factory transmission and are thinking about purchasing this, just do it. It really is a great product and the price is very good, you won't be disappointed once you have it installed. No worries about installing it either when you can rely on getting help from Latent Solution's tech support. They provided me with all the wiring diagrams I needed and answered every question I had very quickly. They even assisted me with the initial configuration with my laptop, which was very easy to do. All in all, a great product from a great company. I wish all of my online buying experiences were more like this." 

John Pauwels, Bay City, MI    

    "Simply a superb product, I bought 2 sets some time ago in order to control two fully build Level 10 trannies. Due to some differences between the ABS and NON-ABS fitted steering wheel, we had some difficulties with the initial wiring but things were swiftly solved due to a very good customer service. The car is so much more fun to drive and the shifts are very firm(can be adjusted). We have set it up for race and when shifting from 1-2 and 2-3 one will notice that special sound from the rear wheel tires indicating traction difficulties :-)) For only 400$ one will get the same option as you pay 2000$+ for in an Audi or BMW - cool!" 

Karsten Horn, Denmark    


     "A great product that performs as advertised. Much faster than shifting manually using the shifter and O/D switch. I am using a Level 10 built transmission with a 2800-3000 stall torque converter. The controller allows the user to change the programming to suit your car's transmission and your personal preferences. For example, I changed the stall speed from 2500 (default) to 3000 to accommodate my higher stall converter. You can also change the downshift rev limit rpm and the lockup delay time. Because my car is an 88 Turbo with the older style steering wheel I could not do a stealth install using the cruise control paddle or steering wheel switches of the 89+ cars. I used two aviation headset "push to talk switches" and mounted them using the Velcro straps at the 3 and 9'oclock position on my steering wheel with the switches facing the back of the wheel. This allows me to shift up and down through the gears using my fingertips similar to having shift paddles. The only things visible besides the two Velcro straps are the two hanging black coiled cords which are wired into the steering column. Installing the controller box is easy using the well laid out installation manual. To all MK3's with automatics this is a must buy. Get this and act like a F1 driver."

Henry Jeffers


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